Ni hao (hello), this week in our Week of World Culture series we are “traveling” to east Asia. China although a world away has many wonderful things to teach us. Keep reading to discover different ways you can learn more about this beautiful country.

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 Movie Review

Mulan & Kung Fu Panda

These fun animated movies are great for younger children! They give a glimpse of the culture, food, dress, architecture and animals of China. The creators did a wonderful job at representing the culture.

The Karate Kid

A great movie for your tweens/teens! This movie follows a young boy that moves to china and has to learn the cultures and ways of the people. He learns the traditional form of martial arts from a Kung Fu master that he meets. The self discovery and self mastery learned through his experience makes a great discussion point for families. Click on the image to watch a trailer.

Music & Dance 

Here is a beautiful performance of the traditional synchronized dances that are common in China.

Crafts of Culture

Here are some fun craft ideas you can try:

  • Create a replica of the chinese flag
  • Make a fan out of popsicle sticks and a paper plate
  • Find coloring pages like this to color
  • Try your hand at Chinese caligraphy
  • Make a chinese lantern out of construction paper
  • Learn how to make a origami crane
  • Check out this Pinterest board for more ideas

Books to Read

Chinese Children’s Favorite Stories

This book is geared to older children (ages 5-14) but you could do your best at summarizing for younger children. I think this is a fun book because it introduces traditional stories that have been told to chinese children for many years. The illustrations are beautiful and true to the culture.

Bringing in the New Year

Here is a colorful book for your younger children (ages 3-7)! This book shows how an American-Chinese family prepare for the chinese new year. The author also includes some fun traditions that are done to celebrate the new year.

Games/Additional Activities


Is a 2 player strategy game that is very similar to chess played on a 4x8 grid board. Banqi uses 32 xiangqi pieces that are shuffled and set up on the board face down. To move, a piece is turned over and move or capture the opponent’s pieces dependent on the ranking of that piece.

Catch the Dragon’s Tail

This is a great large group game and no props are needed! Children line up facing forward and place their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them.The child in the front is the dragon’s head while the last child in line is the tail. The object of the game is for the dragon head to catch the tail. The children in the middle do their best to move the tail end out of the way. Once caught, the child at the tail moves to the front and is the new dragon head.

Chinese Ball

Children form a circle all facing toward the inside. A ball is thrown randomly to a child. Once caught the two children on each side of the person with the ball must raise the arm closest to the ball until it is passed on. If they fail to raise the correct arm or ball is dropped they are out. Ball cannot be caught by the neighbor of the thrower. The game continues until there are 5 and they are considered the winners.


A fun activity many chinese children do is play and build with shapes. Download a FREE shapes sheet and see what you can build.


Food of the Week

I think a big part of any culture is the FOOD. It is also fun to try new recipes that may end up being a staple in your kitchen. My favorite chinese food to make is a simple stir fry. You could also order takeout or go to your favorite local chinese restaurant.

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