Hello I’m Kariann!

I am a bilingual mommy of a handsome boy with a baby girl expected to arrive in October.

As an interior design graduate I was introduced to a whole new world of design that opened my eyes to the amazing world we live in. The world is full of wonder and unique differences that creates such a beautiful canvas of diversity.

This wonder only grew when I had the opportunity to live in Chile for a year and a half. I was fully immersed in the culture, the language and the beautiful colors. It was overwhelming at first to be surrounded by so many new things but I grew to love them and feel that it has been an influence in molding me as a person.

Soon after returning from my wonderful time in Chile I met a handsome young man while I was finishing my bachelors degree. He was intrigued that a very fair skinned, blonde girl knew spanish. We became an item and in July 2013 we were married!

My husband is originally from Mexico so we already eat quite a bit of Mexican food (not to be confused with american mexican food). We are introducing Mexican culture/traditions as well as spanish into our home. I am excited to share my successes and time wasters to help you raise bilingual children TOO!

October 2014 I was diagnosed with PCOS and crushed to hear that my dream of becoming a mother may be more challenging than expected. To my surprise, 2015 brought us a miracle. That October we were blessed with the title of parents of a beautiful boy.  Although my infertility journey wasn’t near as long as most, I have a special place in my heart for those who struggle with this.

My journey to motherhood was bumpy but I believe that has made me appreciate it more. I discovered that design and a beautiful home were great things but my heart tugged me towards my new found love of languages and world culture. It is my desire to instill a love of learning languages and other cultures so my children will learn to be accepting and kind towards those who may be different from them.

Join me here for a fun and messy adventure while I raise my bilingual children! You will find me sharing helpful hints and tips on raising a bilingual family and creative weekly activities to make cultural learning fun for all ages.


A bilingual mommy

 Tips for teaching your children a second language

and around the world cultural learning.


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