Are you wanting to teach your child a new language?

Are you looking for boredom busters for the “stay inside days”?

You are in the right spot then!

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Hello I’m Kariann!

I am a bilingual mommy of a handsome little boy and an adorable baby girl. After becoming a mommy I discovered a new found love of languages and world culture. My desire is to instill a love of learning about other cultures so my children will learn to be accepting and loving towards those who may be different from them.

I would love to have you join us in our learning adventures!

What is Designed Bilingually all about?

  • A place to find FUN ways to learn a new language
  • Learn about places all around the WORLD
  • Take weekly virtual vacations/trips to NEW places
  • Make awesome crafts that ALL ages will enjoy
  • Generally focused on teaching/learning tips for children but all are INVITED

Do you need some motivation to learn the language you want to teach your children?

Have other methods seemed to drag on and not be exciting enough?

Then this 30 Day Jumpstart is perfect for YOU!

You will discover different ways to integrate language learning into your daily life. After you complete the jumpstart challenge you will have a better idea of how you learn best.

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